Family Memorial Monument Options


There are several reasons that you may want to choose a family memorial monument option over individual monuments or over small markers. One of the reasons may be to stay within budget. Another reason may be due to the limited amount of space you have at a family burial plot. If you are facing the issue of needing to find the right memorial for your family burial site or for a group of family members at a restored family site, then here are some options to consider. These options can be done in traditional granite or in other materials that suit your needs.

Memorial Plaque Stone

Memorial plaque and stone monuments are an option that many people are considering. These memorial plaque stones are large and can either go vertically or horizontally. They are placed somewhere in the family burial area. Once placed, they can then hold a series of memorial plaques. Each plaque can be placed on the stone and have the name, birthdate, and death date of the family member. The plaques can be added at any time. Plaques can also be pre-engraved and placed on the monument. 

Memorial Family Crest Monument

You may have a family plot and burial site that already has individual monuments. However, you may want to add a memorial monument for certain members of the family or for the family as a whole. One option is to have a memorial monument engraved with the family crest or coat of arms. If you do not have a family crest, you can also use the same idea for initials of the family or for any kind of inscription that is specific to your family.

Memorial Sculpture Monuments

A unique idea that many people are considering for family plots is to go with a memorial sculpture monument. This type of monument can be an eternal fountain or it can be a design specific to the family. You can also choose to have sungazing designs, picture designs, or other engravings done on the monument. These serve as a memorial to the family as well as to the people who are buried there. These are also popular with members of the family who have died in military service.

If any of these ideas sound ideal for your specific family burial plot or your needs, contact your local funeral home director. They will be able to connect with any or all of the monument artisans that they use for their funeral home. They can also help you with payment options and with making sure that the monument you choose is placed properly at the family burial site.


30 December 2020

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