Planning the Funeral of a Child: 4 Things to Consider


This article provides a few tips and considerations for planning a funeral for a child. Funerals are never easy, but they can be more difficult when the person who died is young. You're likely to have many questions and may not know where to begin when it comes to making funeral arrangements for your child. The following points may serve as a guide during this difficult time, and hopefully, you will find some comfort in the suggestions provided below.

23 June 2021

Can You Buy a Cemetery Monument Online?


Brick-and-mortar sales (as in buying something in person from a retailer) are still more popular than e-commerce (buying something online). In Australia, brick-and-mortar retail accounts for around $200 billion of sales per year, with e-commerce sales at approximately $25.7 billion per year. There are few limits to what can be purchased online, and this includes things you might not necessarily associate with online shopping. Even though it's possible, should you purchase a cemetery monument online?

23 March 2021