What You Need To Take Into Account When Purchasing A Gravestone


Gravestones are, by no means, a new way to commemorate the resting place of a deceased loved one. In fact, since the act of marking a grave is has been performed for centuries, it is unsurprising that the current age offers a myriad of gravestones that you can choose! But this vast range of options does not automatically mean you can choose what you are initially attracted to. From ledger gravestones to the obelisk variety, several considerations have to be had in mind to ensure that you are making the right selection in terms of function as well as to honour your loved one that has passed on. To guide you along with your decisions, here is what you need to take into account when purchasing a gravestone.

Inquire about the cemetery's regulations

If you have a flexible budget, it is understandable that you may want to make a grand gesture by purchasing a gravestone that will make a statement. However, while you may want to deceased loved one's burial site easily recognizable, you should note that different cemeteries have varying regulations in place regarding the size of burial monument. In addition to this, you may even find that you have a range of specific materials and shapes to adhere to. Therefore, before you put your money down on a custom gravestone, you must familiarize yourself with all the regulation to ensure that the gravestone that you choose is per your preferred cemetery's guidelines.

Deliberate on the right material

If the cemetery you have chosen does not limit your option when it comes to the material of the gravestone, you can go ahead and deliberate on which supplies will be best suited to the aesthetic of the gravestone while providing you with longevity. Granite happens to be one of the most popular gravestone materials since it is both distinct and durable. Nonetheless, if you have wanted to splurge, then you could opt for marble. Both these materials come in a range of hues so you are bound to find a shade to suit the aesthetic you prefer. When it comes to natural stone supplies, sandstone is also a great option, as it has both a unique appearance and offers longevity without intensive maintenance.

Choose the best shape

Once you are conversant with the guidelines and have narrowed down your material of choice, you then should choose the best shape for the gravestone. If your loved one was conservative, you may want to consider a flat marker that is unobtrusive. Alternatively, if they were flamboyant and the centre of attention, you may want to opt for a vertical monument that will reflect this personality trait by being eye-catching.


3 January 2020

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